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Benson Collection of Hymnals and Hymnology

The Benson Collection of Hymnals and Hymnology consists of approximately 12,000 volumes on virtually every aspect of hymnology, with the exception of musical scores and anthems. Over half of the collection is presented here in digital form. There are many early editions of the metrical psalms; historical hymnbooks of all of the major Protestant denominations; evangelistic, revival and gospel hymnbooks; hymns for the Sunday School and children; religious poetry; and books about hymns, hymn writers, and the use of music and song in worship. Learn more...

Earl Palmer Collection

The Earl Palmer Collection at Princeton Theological Seminary preserves materials representing sixty-four years of ministry in digital format with audio and video recordings of sermons and seminars plus selected writings by Reverend Earl F. Palmer. Earl graduated in 1956 and was recognized as Distinguished Alumnus in 1999. He served as active member on the Board of Trustees at Princeton Theological Seminary from 1972 to 2006, and remains connected as Trustee Emeritus to the present. Learn more...

James R. Tanis Collection of Church Postcards

The James R. Tanis Collection of Church Postcards contains over 20,000 postcards depicting church architecture across the United States. Learn more...

Latin America Collection

The Latin America Collection contains materials from Princeton Theological Seminary’s deep collection of Latin American books and periodicals, digitized through the generous financial support of the Henry Luce Foundation. Learn more...

Moffett Korea Collection

The Moffett Korea Collection consists of the personal papers of Samuel Hugh Moffett (1916–2015), Henry W. Luce Professor of Ecumenics and Mission at Princeton Theological Seminary (1981–1986), those of his wife, Eileen Flower Moffett (1928–), and manuscript materials, publications, clippings, and related non-print media regarding Korea, including the history of Korean missions, the Korean churches, and religion in Korea. Learn more...

Payne Theological Seminary and A.M.E. Church Archive

The Payne Theological Seminary and A.M.E. Church Archive includes two subcollections organized into twenty-one thematic categories of images and textual materials for the study of the history of the African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E.) denomination and Black Church tradition while chronicling the leadership and legacy of Payne Theological Seminary. Learn more...

Princeton Theological Seminary Journals

The Princeton Theological Seminary Journals collection contains periodicals published by, or closely associated with, Princeton Theological Seminary from 1825 to the present. Learn more...

Princeton Theological Seminary Media Archive

Since the early 1950s, Princeton Theological Seminary has maintained a consistent practice of recording the many public lecture series and institutes held at the Seminary, along with major sermons, addresses, and interviews, many of them given by some of the most prominent scholars, pastors, and church leaders of their day. Learn more...

T.F. Torrance Collection of Antiquarian Books

The T.F. Torrance Collection of Antiquarian Books forms part of a large collection of books from the library of Thomas F. Torrance. The collection was donated to Princeton Theological Seminary by his son, Iain R. Torrance, the sixth president of that institution. It reflects the wide theological, scientific and historical interests of T. F. Torrance, including over 400 rare and antiquarian volumes published before 1800 relating to the history of Christianity in Scotland. Many of those volumes are presented here in digital form. Learn more...

Other Notable Collections

Academy of Homiletics
The Academy of Homiletics was founded in 1965, and now has a membership of nearly 400. Although we are of North American origin, our membership spans the world. Membership in the Academy of Homiletics is open to teachers and doctoral graduate students of homiletics. Learn more...

Beth Mardutho: The Syriac Institute
Beth Mardutho: The Syriac Institute seeks to promote the study and preservation of the Syriac heritage and language, and to facilitate opportunities for people to pursue the study of this ancient legacy globally. The eBethArké (Syriac for “digital library”) project was envisaged by George A. Kiraz in 2000 to become an open-access online library of Syriac books and material on Syriac studies. Learn more...

Sheldon Jackson Manuscript Collection
The Sheldon Jackson Manuscript Collection in Special Collections and Archives at Princeton Theological Seminary covers the years 1878–1908 and contains correspondence, reports, published and other written material by or about Sheldon Jackson. The digital collection presented here includes correspondence and reports pertaining to Jackson's missionary work in Alaska, including the introduction of Siberian reindeer to Alaska. For more information, see the online manuscript guide. Much of the material was digitized with funding from grants obtained by the Alaska Library Network. Browse or search the collection...

Missio Seminary Collection
Missio Seminary, formerly Biblical Theological Seminary, has digitized over seven hundred theses from its institutional archive. The theses date from the 1920s to the 1970s and are provided here as searchable PDF documents. This collection also includes lectures, sermons, and other recordings from the seminary’s audio archive. Learn more...

Robert Elliott Speer Manuscript Collection
The Robert Elliott Speer Manuscript Collection in Special Collections and Archives at Princeton Theological Seminary consists of correspondence, sermons, addresses, notes, articles, diaries, clippings, photographs, scrapbooks, and other papers of this important missionary executive (1867–1947). The digital representation given here provides access to two major parts of the collection: papers related to missions, and all correspondence. Browse or search the collection...

Additional Collections

TitleTopicSee manuscript guide for details
Caleb Cook Baldwin Manuscript CollectionPresbyterian missions in China, 1848–1895Manuscript guide
George H. Bowen Manuscript CollectionPresbyterian missions in Bombay (Mumbai), India, 1848–1870Manuscript guide
Chinese Manuscript CollectionA constructed collection including material related to the missionary work of Charles Edgar Patton, as well as a partial manuscript of the Old Testament translated into Chinese in 1862 (Bridgman-Culbertson Version)Manuscript guide
Michael S. Culbertson Manuscript CollectionPresbyterian missions in Shanghai, China, mid-1800sManuscript guide
Albert Andrew Fulton Manuscript CollectionPresbyterian missions in Canton, China, 1893–1922Manuscript guide
Levi Janvier Manuscript CollectionPresbyterian missions in northern India, 1839–1855Manuscript guide
Langley Kitching Manuscript CollectionTravels in Africa and Madagascar, 1877–1880Manuscript guide
Belle Sparr Luckett Manuscript CollectionMissions and education in Korea, 1913Manuscript guide
Robert Hamill Nassau Manuscript CollectionPresbyterian missions in Gabon and elsewhere in Africa, 1861–1906Manuscript guide
Harry A. Rhodes Manuscript CollectionPresbyterian missions in Korea, 1908–1946Manuscript guide
Scott Family Manuscript CollectionPresbyterian missions in China, 1903–1937Manuscript guide
Ashbel Green Simonton Manuscript CollectionPresbyterian missions in Brazil, 1859–1867Manuscript guide
David and Jane Wales Trumbull Manuscript CollectionProtestant missions in Chile, 1845–1889Manuscript guide
Edward Warren Manuscript CollectionProtestant missions in Ceylon (Sri Lanka), 1815–1818Manuscript guide
James Watt Manuscript CollectionPresbyterian missions in India, 1914–1922Manuscript guide
William E. and Margaret E. Weld Missionary PapersPresbyterian missions in India, 1909–1918Manuscript guide