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Missio Seminary Collection

Missio Seminary, formerly Biblical Theological Seminary, built its library on an initial purchase from Biblical Seminary in New York (now New York Theological Seminary). Among those volumes purchased were a large number of theses, of which roughly seven hundred and fifty have now been digitized, along with a few from other institutions that wound up in the library archives.

Dating from the 1920s to the 1970s, the theses were written for a variety of degrees, primarily:

  • Bachelor or Master of Religious Education
  • Bachelor, Master, or Doctor of Sacred Theology
  • Doctor of Philosophy

A selection of topics includes aspects of Christian education in America and abroad; analyses of denominational doctrine; analytical and linguistic studies of biblical exegesis; studies of the life, works, and theology of key figures throughout Christian and religious history; topics in home and foreign missions; epistemological analyses of specific biblical texts; comparative theology and comparative religion; religious aspects of social and cultural topics; and many more.

These theses are provided here as searchable PDF documents, though the poor condition of some at the time of scanning may make it difficult to search accurately.

This collection also includes lectures, sermons, and other recordings from the seminary’s audio archive.

If you are the author of one of these items and wish to have it removed from the archive, please contact us.

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