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Princeton Theological Seminary Media Archive

Since the early 1950s, Princeton Theological Seminary has maintained a consistent practice of recording the many public lecture series and institutes held at the Seminary, along with major sermons, addresses, and interviews, many of them given by some of the most prominent scholars, pastors, and church leaders of their day. This archive of several thousand unique, unpublished recordings constitutes not only a living record of the Seminary’s institutional history but also an important and wide-ranging collection of valuable resources for research and ministry.

Until now, the vast majority of these recordings existed only on obsolete, deteriorating physical tapes. Through the generous financial support of the Henry Luce Foundation, these tapes have been reconditioned and digitized, a process that not only makes the content accessible now but also preserves it for future generations of researchers. This extensive archive includes 6,698 audio recordings and 20 video programs, of which 98% come from the years 1940–1999, with 2% from 2000–2009.

2,174 of these recordings also have accompanying full-text transcriptions exceeding 99% accuracy, thereby allowing full-text searching of the audio/video content. In addition, each transcript is readable and searchable when playing an individual recording in the integrated media player.

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