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Digitized materials from our original digital library, created in 2006 and formerly available at, are still available as listed below.

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Visual Collections

Portrait Collection

Portraits of professors, trustees, committee members, donors, etc. who have contributed to the history of Princeton Theological Seminary

Princeton Seminary Photograph Collection

Historical photographs of campus buildings at Princeton Theological Seminary

Moffett Korea Collection: Historical Photographs of Korea

The images in this collection were taken in Korea in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. They document Protestant missions to Korea during this time, and include images of Korean cities and villages, Koreans, missionaries to Korea, and Korean architecture.

See also the Moffett Korea Collection, containing over 6,800 items from the Moffett archive, including 3,800 photographs.

Korean City and Village Scenes

Seoul, Pyeng-Yang, Chemulpo, Fusan, and general villages

Korean Christians

Early Korean churches and Christian families

  • The Suh Family
    Suh Sang-Yun was the first Korean evangelist-missionary to Korea. He brought Korean translations of portions of the New Testament from Manchuria, where he had been converted by Scottish missionaries. Circa 1897.
  • The Kim Family
    A pioneer Christian woman and her children at Sorai.
  • Korean Church (1890s)
    The Horace G. Underwood family visiting Sorai Church in the 1890s.
  • Sorai Church, W. Flag
    Sorai Church, “the cradle of indigeneous Protestant Christianity”
  • Teacher Yi (or I)
    Teacher Yi (or I), assistant to Rev. Gale, with Annie and Jessie Heron.
  • First Presbyterian Girls’ School

Korean Men

Korean people who work in different occupations and professions

Korean Women and Children

Korean Structures

Korean architectures, such as gates, palaces, temples, arch, pavilion

Missionaries and Other Westerners

  • Registered Nurse in Korea (1897)
    Picture of Esther Shields, Registered Nurse and Presbyterian missionary, in Seoul, October 14, 1897.
  • Railroad Station at Chemulpo
    Dr. and Mrs. Sharrocks of Korea, Mr. Loomis of Japan, and Miss Sadie Nourse (later Mrs. Welbon) at the Seoul railroad station in 1899.
  • Bishop Corfe (ca. 1900)
    Charles John Corfe was the first Anglican Bishop of Korea and the founder of the Anglican Mission in Korea in 1890. Photo ca. 1900.
  • Bishop Trollope (1914)
    Mark Napier Trollope, a nephew of the British novelist, was consecrated as the third Anglican Bishop of Korea in 1911. He sits here with the first Korean ordinands, in 1914.
  • J. S. McCune (1897)
    The Rev. George Shannon McCune was a Northern Presbyterian missionary in Syenchun and Pyengyang, Korea, 1905-1923. He was president of Soong-Sil University, Pyongyang.
  • S. A. Moffett, Dr. Alice Fish wedding in 1899 (1899)
    The wedding day of Dr. Alice Fish and Rev. Samuel A. Moffett on June 1, 1899. Dr. Fish, recuperating from a bicycle accident, is waiting on the porch. Dr. Eva Field is leaving for the wedding in a sedan chair.
  • Han River
    Miss Redpath, Mrs. F. S. Miller, and E. L. Shields at Han Kang (a river vacation spot).
  • Rev. and Mrs. Henry Winters Luce (1897)
    Rev. and Mrs. Henry Winters Luce in Seoul on their way to China as missionaries in 1897. Their son, Henry R. Luce, founded TIME and LIFE magazines.
  • Malcolm Fenwick
    Malcolm Fenwick, a Baptist missionary.
  • Lawn Tennis Tea, Seoul
    Lawn tennis tea at the British Embassy.
  • American Man
    Rev. William Davis Reynolds, Jr., was a Southern Presbyterian missionary in Seoul and Pyongyang, Korea, 1892-1938. He worked as a Bible translator and seminary professor.
  • Member of the Diplomatic Corps
    The International Community at Seoul: members of the Diplomatic Corps, advisors to the Korean Government, and pioneers in the mission field. Photograph taken May or June, 1890, at the British or American Legation’s tennis courts, in front of the Duksoo Palace Wall.
  • John W. Heron, M.D.
    John W. Heron, M.D., was the first medical Presbyterian missionary appointed to Korea (1885), although he arrived after Dr. Horace N. Allen. Together they established the first modern hospital in Korea, the forerunner of Severance Hospital. Dr. Heron died after only five years of service in Korea and was the first to be buried in the foreign cemetery allotted by the court. Mrs. Esson M. (Annie Heron) Gale was his eldest daughter; another daughter, Jesse, was married to Charles J. Carroll.
  • Mrs. John W. Heron
    Mrs. John W. Heron. After Dr. Heron’s death, she married Rev. James S. Gale. She was among the first missionaries to arrive in Korea, in 1885. She died in Seoul in 1908. Her two daughters were Mrs. Esson M. Gale (Annie Heron) and Mrs. Charles J. (Jessie Elizabeth Heron) Carroll.
  • H. N. Allen, M.D.
    Dr. Horace Allen was the first resident Protestant missionary in Korea. He later became United States Minister Plenipotentiary to Korea. Here he is standing on the U.S. Legation steps, circa 1899. Americans in Korea at that time numbered about 250.
  • Samuel Austin Moffett
    In 1889 Rev. Samuel Austin Moffett began his work in Korea at Pyengyang, the country’s second-largest city, with “not a Christian within 150 miles.” When he retired 44 years later, there were 23 Presbyterian Churches in the city, 400 churches within the territory, and nearly 1,000 churches with 53,000 communicants in what became his parish—all Korea north of Seoul. In 1901 he founded the Theological Seminary.
  • Korean Mission of the Presbyterian Church (1893)
    Back row: Mrs. Sam Moore, Mrs. Vinton, Rev. Lee, Rev and Mrs. Gifford, Rev. Moffett, Dr. Brown, Rev. Gale, F. S. Miller and Dr. O. R. Avison. Front row: Rev. Sam Moore, Dr. Vinton, Freddie Vinton, Mrs. H. G. Underwood and Horace, Dr. H. G. Underwood, Dr. and Mrs. Baird with Jan, Rev. and Mrs. Swallen, Misses Doty, Strong and Arbuckle, Mrs. F. S. Miller, Mrs. O. R. Avison and Wilber. This is the Korean Mission of the Presbyterian Church in 1893.
  • Itinerating by Auto
    William L. Swallen and his wife (who served in Korea, 1892-1942, cheifly in Pyengyang) on an evangelistic trip in the country, ca. 1927-1928.
  • Mrs. Folwell and Baby
    Mrs. Folwell and Baby, in Pyengyang.
  • Mrs. Underwood and Hollie
    Mrs. Underwood and Hollie under an arbor of wisteria by the study porch.