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An saighidear Criosduidh: no an dleasnais iomchuidh chaum beatha dhiadhaidh chaithe, : air an sparradh air an armailt: o eisempleir Chornelius. Searmoin.
Standardized title: The Christian soldier.
AuthorBroughton, Thomas, 1712–1777
Description52 pages
LanguageScottish Gaelic
PublisherDun-Eaduin:: chlodh-bhuailt' le Eoin Moir,
SubjectPractical Theology
TopicsCornelius, fl. ca. 50 A.D.?
ContributorNational Library of Scotland
RightsNo Known CopyrightNo Known CopyrightDigitized collections are made accessible for purposes of education and research. More...
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