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William Willimon

William WillimonWilliam H. Willimon has been dean of the chapel and a professor of Christian ministry at Duke University in Durham, NC, since 1984, where he preaches each Sunday and directs the programs of campus ministry. He is also a professor at Duke Divinity School and teaches the popular "Search for Meaning" course in Duke’s undergraduate curriculum. A distinguished pastor, author, and preacher both in the United States and abroad – in 1996 Newsweek named him one of the ten best preachers in the U.S. - he is the author of thirty-seven books, including Sighing for Eden, What’s Right with the Church, and Worship as Pastoral Care. He is editor-at-large for The Christian Century and has written curriculum and video resources for youth, young adults, and adults.(Bio dated 1998)
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Imitating Christ in a Postmodern World: Young Disciples Today
Year: 1998
Theme: Growing Up Postmodern: Imitating Christ in the Age of “Whatever”