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Sara Little

Sara LittleSara Little is professor of Christian education emerita at Union Theological Seminary in Virginia. She is the only woman ever honored by the Association of Theological Schools in the U.S. and Canada’s Distinguished Service Award, which she received in 1994, and one of only four people ever recognized by ATS for outstanding contributions to theological education. Her books Youth, World, and Church and To Set One’s Heart have been taught in seminaries for nearly two decades. Little directed the Lilly Endowment’s Youth Ministry and Theological Schools project from 1984 to 1989 and participated in the Search Institute’s Effective Christian Education study. She lectures widely on Christian education and the contemporary church.(Bio dated 1997)
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Youth Ministry: Historical Reflections near the End of the Twentieth Century
Year: 1997
Theme: At-Risk Youth, At-Risk Church: What Jesus Christ and American Teenagers are Saying to the Mainline Church