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The Princeton Theological Review

The Princeton Theological Review began publication in 1903, supported by a subsidy provided by the Board of Trustees of Princeton Theological Seminary. The journal ended in 1929 with its twenty-seventh volume, when the Seminary’s Trustees, acting under financial constraint, terminated this subsidy. In scope and content, the journal’s lengthy articles and book reviews bore a resemblance to The Presbyterian and Reformed Review which had preceded it. In the first year, Francis L. Patton and Benjamin B. Warfield were listed as editors along with thirteen others. Beginning with volume 7, 1909, an editorial committee consisting of William P. Armstrong and four others was listed along with the editors. With the appearance of volume 13, 1915, the name of J. Ross Stephenson, the newly inaugurated President of the Seminary, was added to the editorial roster. From 1918 forward to its final volume in 1929, the title page of the journal indicated that it was edited for the faculty by Oswald T. Allis. From 1903-1906, volumes 1-4 were published by MacCalla & Co., Philadelphia; from 1907-1929, volumes 5-27 were published by Princeton University Press, Princeton.

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