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Catalogue of Princeton Theological Seminary

The Princeton Theological Seminary Catalogues is a varied collection, with varied contents. The earliest ones list the Board of Directors, the faculty, the students and sometimes the former students. Some give a summary of the classes taught in each of the three years of the basic program. Some contain additional information, such as admission requirements and costs. Slightly more expansive are the catalogues for 1869-70 and those following. They provide a more detailed outline of the curriculum of the time and certain other matters, such as a short description of the contents of the library and of the process of examination. By the early twentieth century certain things are covered more completely in the catalogues, such as formal lists of courses offered, requirements for the degrees now being offered (Master of Arts and Bachelor of Divinity), and the availability of certain fellowships and prizes. This is the pattern for the contents of the catalogues for the remainder of the century, with ever longer sections being given to course descriptions as the number of elective courses grows; to descriptions of new degree programs and their requirements (Master of Theology, Master of Religious Education, Doctor of Theology, Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Ministry, etc.); and to short descriptions of the Field Education Program, the program for the Center of Continuing Education, and the Summer Session as these activities are added to the offerings of the Seminary.

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