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The Biblical Repertory and Princeton Review

The Biblical Repertory and Princeton Review, published from 1837 to 1871, continued the gradually expanded scope which Charles Hodge had initiated in 1829. Although the Review was oriented to a Presbyterian readership and, in various respects, reflected the controversies, changes, and shifting emphases among Presbyterians, it was also a publication indicative of the many cultural and religious shifts within American culture during this period. No editor of the journal was listed in the years 1838-1855 but with the 1856 volume and through 1871, Charles Hodge was listed as editor, being joined in 1869 by Lyman H. Atwater. Publishers of the Review varied: volumes 9-11, 1837-1839, James A. Peabody, Philadelphia; volumes 12-19, 1840-1847, M. B. Hope, Philadelphia; volumes 20-24, 1848-1852, William H. Mitchell, Philadelphia; volumes 25-28, 1853-1856, Office of the Biblical Repertory, Philadelphia; volumes 29-40, 1857-1868, Peter Walker, Philadelphia; volumes 41-43, 1869-1871, Charles Scribner & Co., New York.

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