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Biblical Repertory

Biblical Repertory: A Collection of Tracts in Biblical Literature was a quarterly journal begun by Charles Hodge at Princeton Theological Seminary in 1825. The journal ran from 1825 to 1829 under its initial title with Hodge as its founding editor. During the years 1826-1828 while Hodge was on a European study tour, Robert B. Patton, Professor of Languages in the College of New Jersey, functioned as temporary editor. The journal was begun, Hodge wrote in the first volume, “from the conviction of the importance of Biblical studies, and from the desire of exciting greater interest in their cultivation.” The focus of the journal, as he would later say, was to be what its title conveyed, “a repository for tracts on biblical subjects, selected from various sources” and for the first four years the journal consisted primarily of reprints and translations of scholarly works. In 1829, the scope of the journal was changed to include articles “on all subjects suitable for a Theological Quarterly Review”, with editorial responsibility expanded to include others and with the journal’s new subtitle reflecting these changes as Volume 5, New Series, Vol. 1 was published: Biblical Repertory: A Journal of Biblical Literature and Theological Science; conducted by an Association of Gentlemen. Volume 1, 1825, was published by the Princeton Press, Princeton; volumes 2-4 by G. and C. Carvill, New York; volume 5 by Hugh Madden, Princeton.

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