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Biographical Catalogue of Princeton Theological Seminary

Beginning in 1818 Princeton Seminary began to issue lists of those who had attended the Seminary. The first one simply gave the names of students who had attended, where they were then located and their work. Subsequent catalogues added further data about each of the graduates. The most useful catalogue for those who studied at Princeton Theological Seminary between 1812 and 1932 is the catalogue of 1933, as it incorporates the data from the catalogues that had appeared earlier. There are two useful alphabetical indices at the end, one of Directors, Trustees, Faculty and Officers of the Seminary and the second of the Alumni, which indicates the year under which their entry may be found. A peculiarity of the Biographical Catalogue is that under each year there are two alphabetical lists. The first list is of those who completed the full standard three-year course. The second list includes those who attended, but did not complete the full three-year course, or who came as special students or as graduate students after completing their basic theological course at some other seminary. At the beginning of the catalogue may be found other useful lists, such as members of the Board of Directors and Board of Trustees of the Seminary and the years in which they served, lists giving the faculty who have taught at the Seminary, and lists of those who have presented the Stone Lectures, beginning in 1878-79, and the Students’ Lectures on Missions, beginning in 1892-93. The Biographical Catalogue printed in 1955 contains information on those former students of the Seminary who are listed under the classes of 1865-1954. In some cases it updates material on students whose names had appeared in the earlier catalogue.

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