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A grammar of the Hindí language : in which are treated the High Hindí, Braf, and the Eastern Hindí of the Rámáyan of Tulsí Dás, also the colloquial dialects of Rájputáná, Kumáon, Avadh, Ríwá, Bhojpúr, Magadha, Maithila, etc.; with copious philological notes
Edition: 2nd ed., rev. and enl.
AuthorKellogg, Samuel H. (Samuel Henry), 1839–1899
Description662 pages
PublisherLondon: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner, and Co.
SubjectLanguage and Literature
ContributorPrinceton Theological Seminary
RightsNo Known CopyrightNo Known CopyrightDigitized collections are made accessible for purposes of education and research. More...