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The true and impartial relation of the persecuted Presbyterians in Scotland; their rising in arms, and defeat at Bothwell-Bridge, in the year 1679. Wherein the reader, for his satisfaction hath the true account, I. Of the cause and occasion of that army's rising in arms. II. Of their publishing of their testimony at Rutherglen. III. Of the rencounter at Drumclog. IV. Of the most material things that happened in that army; and of the Council of War from the rencounter at Drumclog, till their defeat at Bothwell-Bridge. V. Of the causes of the Lord's anger against that army, that made them fall and flee before their enemies. Faithfully collected from twelve several accounts of the same, written by persons of great integrity, who were officers in the army, and members of the Counsel of War; such as Mr. Robert Hamilton, Mr. David Hackston of Rathillet, Mr. Walter Smith, and several others