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The order for morning and evening prayer, and administration of the sacraments, and some other offices of the Church of England, together with a collection of prayers, and some sentences of the Holy Scriptures, necessary for knowledge and practice. = Ne yakawea. Niyadewighniserage yondereanayendakhkwa orhoenkéne, neoni yogarask-ha oghseragwégouh; ne oni yakawea, orighwadogeaghti yondatnekosseraghs, tekarighwageahhadont, neoni óya aderéanayent ne onoghsadogeaghíge, oni ne watkeanissa-aghtouh odd'yake adereanaiyent neoni tsiniyoght-hare ne kaghyadoghseradogeâghti ne wahoeni ayakoderiéndarake neoni ahondatterihhonnie
Edition: The third edition formerly collected and translated into the Mohawk or Iroquois language, under the direction of the missionaries from the Venerable Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, to the Mohawk Indians. Published by order of His Excellency Frederick Haldimand, captain-general and commander in chief of all His Majesty's forces in the province of Quebec, and its dependencies, and governor of the same, &c. &c. &c. Revised with corrections and additions by Daniel Claus, esq; P.T. agent for the Six nation Indians in the province of Quebec.
Standardized title: Book of common prayer.
Author Church of England
Date 1780
Format Book
Description 224 pages
Language Mohawk
Subject Language and Literature
Contributor John Carter Brown Library