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Alice Butts Album, 1907-40 - "General Assembly's celebration of the 50th Anniversity of Presbyterian Mission work in Korea, held on the athletic field of the Union Christian College at Pyeng Yang, Korea - Following the mass meeting was a parade participated by thousands of Koreans, each carrying a little flag and each church delegration and Christian school headed by their own flags - The large flag is our College flag"
Date 1934
Format Photograph (2 pages)
Language English
Subject Missions
Notes Moffett Korea Collection. Photographs. Boxes of Photos, Photo Albums, and Photo Books. Series IV: Others' Albums. Alice M. Butts; Pyengyang Woman's Bible Institute; Pyengyang - Northern Korea. Box 26.
Collection Moffett Korea Collection
Subcollection: Photographs
Contributor Princeton Theological Seminary Library
Sponsor Henry Luce Foundation